Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Linking a Bluetooth Keyboard to Rooted Nook Color

I must say, this is pretty cool. I just paired my Nook Color, rooted with CyanogenMod 7, with my Logitech DiNovo Edge Bluetooth keyboard. That's actually how I'm typing this blog post. I downloaded the Blue Input Demo app in order to successfully pair my keyboard and Android tablet. It isn't perfect, however -- the connection is a bit weak, so some letters are left out as I type, and because it's a demo, every so often the name of the app will ins[blueinput demo]er[blueinput demo]t itself into my text. See what I mean? Looks like I'll have to either wait for Barnes & Noble to add Bluetooth functionality to the stoc[blueinput demo]k Android, or I'll have to pay for the full version of Blue Input.

If it was more error-free, I'd consider [blueinput demo]buying a small Bluetooth keyboard (like Apple's) and leaving my netbook at home more often. Lifehacker had a couple good articles [blueinput demo]recently about increasing productivity, and they talked about how using a tablet can help you focus on one task at a time. I'll believe it. This is[blueinput demo] actually a pretty good way to avoid the distraction of a full-featured computer when all you need is to get some writing done.

I like where Asus is going with their line of tablets. One model has a built-in sliding physical keyboard, and another can be docked in a keyboard shell, turning it into a laptop of sorts. The Nook Color is nice to play with, but not built as a productivity tool. I'd be interested in picking up a full-featured tablet once the iPad eventually gets some real competition.

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